DaVinci Dome

The DaVinci Dome is ready

We are building the first domes as greenhouses but these structures can be used for shelters, sheds or fulfill other needs, we can build them to size and can do some funky geometrical manoeuvring to make a dome this tall but smaller diameter footprint. The size is 2 meters high and 4 meters diameter and will be most cost effective in this range – this size will be referred to as a DaVinci Dome. 

We will be taking deposits to order supplies to make more so if you want one or know anyone who might know anyone who might know anyone then spread the word and we can see if we can grow a local very low environmental impact business.  These domes will be made primarily out of local Red Cedar and Bamboo.
You will be able to see a more completed model at the Vancouver Island Mini Maker Fair this upcoming weekend in North Saanich.

Domes are almost ready to start being assembled

We have assembled several domes to date and are refining the design and assembly process.   We will be taking deposits of $100 dollars for future orders and our first clients will get support if any equipment fails as it will be the Beta release of the design and may have certain differences for testing viablity and weaknesses.

This final  price will be  determined once regular supply chains can be established and the amount of time for manufacture process is determined, bear in mind the domes will be custom sized for your needs and several can be built in attached variations.

This $100 will most likely cover about 25-30% of the final price with 1 year repair warranty included and ongoing support to facilitate growth through the winter.

for more details inquire at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.